The legend gained by Camilo Sesto in the world of musicals will be told in ATRESplayer PREMIUM. The Atresmedia platform starts filming ‘Camilo Superstar’, its new original series, which will tell the singer’s adventure when he wanted to make history by bringing to our country the risky and controversial but successful international musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

Actor Alejandro Jato will be Camilo Sesto in this new production by ATRESplayer PREMIUM. He will play a passionate 26-year-old singer, when he takes all the risks to release in Spain the biggest musical show organised to date. Camilo is an artist who is upright, vocational and devoted to his career, but he also has a spirit that pushes him to explore beyond his commercial register.

‘Camilo Superstar’ is an original series by ATRESplayer PREMIUM produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with  Buendía Estudios that will consist of four episodes. Montse García, Sonia Martínez and Curro Novallas are the Executive Producers of the series, which incorporates Tatiana Rodríguez as screenwriter and Curro Novallas himself together with Federico Untermann as directors of the first and second unit, respectively.

Ana Rocha is the Production Director, Jon Aguirresarobe is the Cinematographer and César Macarrón leads the Art Department. The technical team also includes Coque F. Lahera as Recording Supervisor, Nazareth Colomina as Costume Designer and Paty López as Chief of Make-up and Hairstyling.

The main cast of the series is formed by Adrián Lastra, Natalia Reyes, Pepe Ocio, Javier Godino, Vito Sanz, Oscar de la Fuente and the special appearances by Eugenia Silva and Elena Rivera. Juan León is the Casting Director.

The series will focus on a certain moment in Camilo Sesto’s life, which was a key in the history of musicals in our country. The fiction will include moments not only from the rehearsals, the casting and the release, but also fragments from his most memorable performances of the time and the songs that the artist created then.

Objective: Jesus Christ Superstar

Camilo Sesto, in an inspiration outburst, decides to adapt in the 70’s the most modern and transgressive musical of the time, Jesus Christ Superstar, an international success that, in the height of the dictatorship, achieves to stir up the country and make history.

An odyssey full of obstacles, some of them accidental, but many of them caused by the circumstances of the time. To avoid censorship, the shady dealings of his agent, the threats and sabotages of the ultra-catholic movements who would do anything to stop the release, will merge with the inherent difficulties of such a big show.

But he won’t be alone in this feat. He will have the help of other idealists who, like him, felt the impulse of risking and bringing to this country the most revolutionary rock-opera of the time. The four musketeers of this odyssey will overcome all kind of obstacles. To find the right theatre, to avoid censorship, to assume the technical display that the show demands, to select the cast and to release the musical while Franco is near death. Besides, Camilo must take on his commitments with the record company that requires him to deliver his next album in the same dates.

The series gets inside the artist’s soul, exploring what took him to risk his estate and his career in such a complicated context and to give it up, at its peak, with a definitive gesture, to shave his beard for an advertisement and donate the money to an orphanage. A voyage in which all the people involved left too much on the way but achieved to release and to make history in a backward country that was waking up to modernity.