Buendía about us

We are specialists in creating

innovative, diverse and unique stories

From experience, talent and quality. Multi-genre content with a global vocation, aimed at wide audiences.

BUENDÍA ESTUDIOS is the independent production company of audiovisual content born in 2020 from the strategic alliance of ATRESMEDIA AND TELEFÓNICA (through Movistar+) and in which the Atresmedia Studios brand is integrated.

Our goal is to promote the creation, production and distribution of Spanish content within and outside our borders by providing the value that makes a difference in the market: a deep knowledge of the sector and the extensive experience of our team, responsible for many of the great fiction and non-fiction successes of recent years such as Money Heist , Locked up, Velvet, Gran Hotel, The Pier or The time in Between.

We create different, unique and close stories capable of connecting with audiences from anywhere in the world such as VENENO, THE VINEYARD, THE BOARDING SCHOOL: LAS CUMBRES, THE COOK OF CASTAMAR, CARDO, ROAD TRIP or FERNANDO TORRES: THE LAST SYMBOL, and we work with creators such as Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo, Dani de la Torre, Ana Milan, Daniel Monzón, Miguel del Arco, Angel Gómez, , Dani de la Orden, Nacho García Velilla, María Dueñas, David Pérez Sañudo, Ana Rujas and Claudia Costafreda, among others.

We are currently immersed in the development and production of more than 40 projects of all genres and formats: fiction (series, theatrical), entertainment programs, documentary series, content marketing, etc. with release throughout 2021 and 2022 in different chains and platforms, as well as working simultaneously on creations for new customers, both nationally and internationally.


  • Ignacio Corrales Managing Director
  • Sonia Martínez Editorial Director of Series
  • Pepe Ripoll Production Director of Fiction
  • David Troncoso Executive Producer of Series
  • Curro Novallas Executive Producer of Series
  • Jose María Caro Executive Producer of Series
  • Amparo Miralles Executive Producer
Non-fiction team
  • Jorge Pérez Vega Director of Entertainment and Documentary Content
  • David Miralles Director of Development of Non-Fiction Formats
  • Steve Kelly Director of Talents Shows and Realities
  • Óscar González M-Moro Director of Non-Fiction Production
  • Paloma Montes Creative of Non-Fiction Content
  • Irene del Cerro Creative of Non-Fiction Content
  • Anaís Berdié Creative of Non-Fiction Content
  • Pedro Rodríguez Pérez Creative of Content
  • Laura Miñarro VP of International Coproduction
 Marketing and publicity
  • Cristina Ramos Marketing Director
  • Eva Soto Publicity Director
Financial and operations
  • Ramón Adroher Financial Director
  • Jaime Pérez Páramo Operations Director
Original production Movistar+
  • Domingo Corral Director Original Production Movistar+
  • Fran Araujo Editorial Director Original Production Movistar+
  • Susana Herreras Editorial Head of Original Production Movistar+
  • Carla Perez de Albéniz Production Director Original Movistar+
Atresmedia Theatrical
  • Mercedes Gamero Managing Director Atresmedia Cine
  • Rosa Pérez Producer
  • Andrea Barrionuevo Producer
  • Gemma Vidal Producer
  • Alejandra Sáez Content
  • Beatriz Gómez Content
  • Carolina Guillamas Marketing and Publicity
  • Jesús Molina Financial
  • Jorge Sánchez Financial