After the success of its ‘All Stars’ edition, which closed the workshop doors in style last Sunday, the platform renews its confidence in the format. With a fourth season set to arrive soon, Atresplayer renews ‘Drag Race España’ for a fifth edition, with direction by Lola Ibarreta and Jonathan Ruiz.

‘Drag Race España’ became the first franchise outside of the US to have its own ‘All Stars’ version, bringing together some of the most acclaimed queens from its first three editions. It once again proved to be one of the most highly regarded franchises internationally. With unprecedented success, Atresplayer’s confidence in the format is strong, which is why they are already working on a fifth edition despite not having premiered its fourth season yet. This fifth season of ‘Drag Race España’ will bring an important innovation: the prize for the winning queen will increase from the 30,000 euros of previous editions to 50,000 euros.

‘Drag Race España’ seeks to find the best Spanish drag superstar through a series of challenges. In each episode, the contestants must overcome various challenges proposed by the team to avoid elimination and thus be crowned the winner. The queens face photo shoots, dances, artistic challenges, or musical performances to prove they are the best in their field. Each week there will be mini-challenges and maxi-challenges that will test all their abilities. The end of each episode always consists of a grand runway where the participants showcase their best looks according to the weekly category.