Flooxer is already preparing its new format, ‘Temporada de caza’, a program starring some of the most influential content creators in the current digital landscape across various fields, who will take on the roles of hunters and fugitives to star in a real-time escape.

‘Temporada de caza’, which has already begun filming, will consist of 8 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes. Each episode will feature three hunters, who will also act as hosts throughout the format, and one fugitive, who will be different in each installment.

Taking on the roles of hunters will be content creators Cesc Escolà, Gakian, and Álvaro Casares, who will be responsible for preventing the escape of the fugitives.

Paul Ferrer, Héctor Riumbau, Noelia Moya, Esperansa Grasia, Rayo McQueer, Mike Fajardo, Álex Segura, Samantha Costantini, and Tote Fernández will also participate in the program.

‘Temporada de caza’ is produced by Buendía Estudios and will be aired on Flooxer, the youth channel available on atresplayer. It is an adaptation of ‘Temporada de caza’ a successful Dutch format from Talpa Studios.