‘Marbella’, the new original series from Movistar Plus+ produced by Buendía Estudios Canarias, already has a release date: May 2nd. The series, created by Dani de la Torre and Alberto Marini (‘La Unidad’ and ‘La Unidad Kabul’), is a six-episode thriller with a thrilling plot where fiction and investigative journalism come together. A complex plot intertwining multiple nationalities, traditional and cyber crimes, old-school bosses, and young people who come to impose new rules.

The series is based on the report published in 2021 by El País: Marbella, global headquarters of organized crime, which provided an exhaustive analysis of the gangs operating on the Marbella coast.

Dani de la Torre: “In ‘Marbella’ there are extreme characters, an elegant staging with photography that enhances color, sun, glamour, and also highlights the ambitious and powerful production design, as the city itself demands.”

Alberto Marini: “When building the story, we were looking for a character who would be our guide and move through that garden as if it were his own home. Someone who knew everyone and was the repository of everyone’s secrets. And our choice has finally fallen on César Beltrán, our protagonist, an experienced criminal lawyer who counts among his clients the best and the worst of Marbella society. Mostly the worst.”

Nacho Carretero and Arturo Lezcano: “The result, we believe, is a unique series. First, because we are probably facing the first gangster series in Spain. And second, and above all, because Marbella is the product of the aforementioned alliance: reality also advances in parallel with the episodes.”

Hugo Silva leads the cast playing César, an ambitious and seductive lawyer who knows how to bend the law to achieve all his goals. The main cast is completed by: Ana Isabelle, Khalid El Paisano, Aurora Moroni, Elvira Mínguez, Manuela Calle, Mohamed Said, Daniele Fileti, and Fernando Cayo.