Reinas al Rescate’ is the new format in ATRESplayer PREMIUM, produced by Buendía Estudios, in which Pupi Poisson, Sharonne and Estrella Xtravaganza, guided by Supremme de Luxe, will visit several towns of Spain to bring visibility to LGTBIQ+ stories and show the reality of the collective outside the big cities.

In this road trip, the queens come to the call of several people who have asked for help: people related to the LGTBIQ + collective who need their support to convey a message of diversity to their environment: small towns in Spain. A poignant format with an important and revolutionary message behind each story.

Chapter 5: Kande (Landete)

Despite the fact that she knew for a long time that she was non-binary trans and that the pronouns with which she identifies are masculine, in the town and for her mother she is still Candela. Tired of feeling that no one sees him as he really is, he calls on the queens to help him “get rid of Candela” and start living with freedom and respect in his environment. His mother Josefa will accompany him on stage, if she is willing to accept that she no longer has a daughter, and his great friend Angelita, who, although she has always been there for him, would never imagine what she is about to confess to him.