‘Camilo Superstar’ is coming soon to Atresplayer. The platform will premiere its new original series on November 19th. It will narrate the adventure of the famous singer Camilo Sesto when he wanted to make history by bringing the daring and controversial internationally successful musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ to our country.

Actor Alejandro Jato will portray Camilo Sesto in this new Atresplayer production. He will play a passionate 26-year-old singer who takes on all the risks to bring the largest musical spectacle ever organized to Spain. Camilo is an integral artist, vocational, dedicated to his career, but with a spirit that drives him to explore beyond his commercial range.

‘Camilo Superstar’ is an original Atresplayer series produced by Buendía Estudios Canarias with the participation of Atresmedia TV, consisting of four episodes. Montse García, Sonia Martínez, and Curro Novallas are the executive producers of the series, which is led by Tatiana Rodríguez in charge of the script. Curro Novallas and Federico Untermann serve as directors of the first and second units, respectively.

Ana Rocha directs the production, Jon Aguirresarobe is the Director of Photography, Daniel Rodrigo is the Sound Designer, and César Macarrón leads the Art Department. The technical team also includes Nazareth Colomina as the Costume Designer and Paty López as the Head of Makeup and Hair.

The main cast of the series includes Adrián Lastra, Natalia Reyes, Pepe Ocio, Javier Godino, Vito Sanz, Oscar de la Fuente, and features the special collaboration of Eugenia Silva and Elena Rivera. Juan León is the Casting Director.