‘Ángela’, produced by Buendía Estudios Bizkaia with the participation of Atresmedia TV, is the Spanish adaptation of the successful Australian series ‘Ángela Black‘, premiered in 2021 on ITV.

‘Ángela’ stars Verónica Sánchez, Daniel Grao, Jaime Zatarain, and Lucía Jiménez. The cast also includes Iván Marcos, Ane Gabarain, María Isabel Díaz Lago, and the young actresses Maia Zaitegui and Sua Díez, among others.

This thriller tells the life of Ángela (Verónica Sánchez), a woman who appears to be happy with her husband, Gonzalo (Daniel Grao), with whom she has two daughters. But beneath this idyllic facade, Ángela hides a hell of abuse. Always on edge, Ángela’s fragile balance is shattered when she meets Eduardo (Jaime Zatarain), a former high school classmate for whom she feels an immediate attraction. However, thanks to the intervention of her best friend Esther (Lucía Jiménez), Ángela will discover that Edu is not who he claims to be.

‘Ángela’ has already started filming in locations in Vizcaya, including natural settings in Mungia, Mundaka, and Bilbao.

Sonia Martínez and Borja Echeverría are the executive producers of the series, and Montse García is the Director of Fiction on behalf of Atresmedia. The series will be directed by Tito López-Amado.

Lucía Alonso-Allende is the executive co-producer of ‘Ángela’, which has a writing team consisting of Sara Cano and Paula Fabra, with Jorge Blas as a script analyst. Emilio Giménez will be the production director. Koldo Jones will lead the Art direction, and Teo Delgado will handle the cinematography.

This is ‘Ángela’

Ángela leads an apparently idyllic life on the outside: she has two fantastic daughters, a charming husband, and a spectacular home. However, this facade is a fraud, and it becomes increasingly difficult for her to maintain it.

In reality, Ángela is an abused woman with an obsessive husband who has convinced her that she is nothing without him. Until one day, Edu, an attractive young man, appears and reveals surprising secrets to her. He is willing to help her remove him from her life.