The third edition of ‘Drag Race España’ already has a winner. After ten weeks of intense challenges of sewing, performance, comedy or even singing, it was time to decide who was the third Spanish drag superstar.

The finalists had a difficult task ahead and one of the most complicated challenges: to write their own verse and defend a choreography for a song that could take them to glory. A finale in style that included all the contestants of the third season.

Finally, Pitita has been chosen to wear the crown and proclaim herself the winner of the third edition of the ATRESplayer PREMIUM program. Sharonne, winner of the second edition, was the one who passed the baton and crowned the winner.

For ten weeks, the finalists have passed all kind of tests and have given all that they had inside. A long-distance race to win the 30,000 euros prize. this grand finale, the finalists were surrounded by all their teammates. Bestiah, Chanel Anorex, Clover Bish, Drag Chuchi, Maria Edilia, Pakita, Pink Chadora and Visa accompanied Pitita, Vania Vainilla, Hornella Góngora and Kelly Roller in their most important night.

The decision, however, was in the hands of Supremme de Luxe and the rest of the jury members: Ana Locking, Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo. They had the final word once they saw the great show that each of the finalists had put on for their coronation.

The program is produced by Atresmedia Television and World of Wonder in collaboration with Buendía Estudios. Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, RuPaul Charles and Tom Campbell are the executive producers of World of Wonder. Passion Distribution distributes the program globally. ‘Drag Race España’ is available in Spain exclusively on ATRESplayer PREMIUM and subtitled on WOW Presents Plus.