‘Poquita fe’, the original Movistar Plus+ series created by Pepón Montero and Juan Maidagán, is a comedy with the particular sense of humour of the creators, starred by Raúl Cimas and Esperanza Pedreño. The series, 12 episodes of 15 minutes each directed by Pepón Montero, will be released on Tuesday July 4th on Movistar Plus+. Together with Pedreño and Cimas, the cast of ‘Poquita Fe’ is formed by Julia de CastroChani MartínMarta Fernández-MuroPilar GómezMaría Jesús HoyosJuan LombarderoEnrique Martínez and Blas Ortiz

‘Poquita fe’ told by the creators, Juan Maidagán and Pepón Montero

Berta and José Ramón were doing well. Or they weren’t doing badly at least. They are calm people – he is a security guard and she works in a nursery – that have known each other for a very long time. One of those couples that fit perfectly because they are like two drops of water, despite coming from very different environments. One, raised by a single mother without any complex and open to experience new things until the last day; the other, eldest daughter of conventional parents, with a hostile mother and a submissive father who always got along better with his other daughter, cold like her mother, but free-spirited like him and with whom Berta never got on well. The day Berta left home was a relief for Berta and for those staying at home. They never knew how to treat someone so… special. And Berta found a peace unknown until then with José Ramón.

And so they both lived, very close, very quiet, interacting only from time to time: with a hatefulneighbour, but with whom it would be more difficult to get along badly, and with some co-workers whom you would not take to a desert island either. We said they were doing well… until Berta meets Pilar, a woman who has done everything and has left everything, who is here today and there tomorrow. During the year in which the series takes place, Pilar is here. And she opens Berta’s eyes. And what Berta sees is that she is missing something by not leaving what they call the “comfort zone”, which, on the other hand, begins to be not so comforting. Who can you talk to? Nobody. All her relationships are not worthwhile. They don’t help much. So, she thinks. Because José Ramón and Berta are people who think. And that is what this series is about.