The second edition of ‘Drag Race España’ has already started in ATRESplayer PREMIUM and it came back in a big way. This Sunday, the workshop welcomed 12 new queens in the first installment of the program. A release with an overwhelming success becoming the most watched content in Atresmedia’s platform by far and improving the result of the first season’s release.

The release of the second edition has grown a 50% regarding the first season, establishing the brand in our country and confirming the expectation that surrounded the return of the ‘Drag Race España’ format to ATRESplayer PREMIUM.

‘Drag Race España’ took the social media by storm with its release on Sunday. The program has achieved more than 3 million impressions in the first day. Besides, it became trending topic in Twitter hours before the release, reaching the first position during the broadcasting with a 36% of social share and more than 6.400 tweets. The names of the new queens were also trending topic in this social network.

There were many comments about how much they liked this first part, praising the production level and the high level among the queens of this second season, that go a step beyond and exceed all the expectations.

Apart from the emission, the fans of the program organized themselves to watch together the release in different parts of Spain and social networks were full of images of groups of friends who did not want to miss the first show. Several venues across the country announced the broadcast of the original ATRESplayer PREMIUM show and theaters filled up to watch the premiere.

Every Sunday at 08:00pm, a new installment

Every Sunday, viewers will enjoy with the new parts of ‘Drag Race España’ at 08:00pm in ATRESplayer PREMIUM, to watch the program all at once, like a big live show.