laSexta will release on Wednesday February 9 ‘Somos Únicxs: las caras del bullying’ (We are Unique: The Faces of Bullying), a documentary hosted by Helena Resano that seeks to make visible the fight against bullying, a social problem increasingly present in our schools. The program, produced by Atresmedia in collaboration with Buendía Estudios and LINE Sports, and promoted by the ColaCao Foundation and the Consejo Superior de Deportes (Spanish Council of Sports), tries to sensitize the Spanish society by offering a complete vision of this problem and how sport can help to avoid or overcome bullying situations.

The production is directed by Hernan Zin, well-known director, writer and war correspondent, who has directed almost twenty films with social themes such as “Born in Syria”, “The War against Women” or “Die to Tell”, which have been awarded all around the world.

‘Somos Únicxs: las caras del bullying’ (‘We are Unique: The Faces of Bullying’) will bring first-person experiences through the testimonies of elite athletes who will tell how they lived the bullying that they suffered from different perspectives, and they will explain how important sport was for them when they had to overcome it. Among them, there will be badminton player Carolina Marín, former world number one, Olympic Champion in Rio and three-time world champion, or gymnast Ray Zapata, Olympic Silver in Tokyo 2020 and world bronze medallist.

The documentary, with the objective of raising awareness in the Spanish society about bullying, and of generating debate around a very silenced topic, tells the story of the well-known sports Youtuber Papi Gavi, who also suffered bullying when he was young, and the story of Susana Rodríguez, PhD and Paralympic champion of adapted triathlon, who will also tell some of the situations of harassment she suffered as a child.

The experiences narrated by the protagonists of the documentary show that sport plays a leading role both individually, through the development of self-esteem and security, and collectively, thanks to the stimulation of empathy and fellowship. It has been a great ally when avoiding or overcoming bullying.

‘Somos Únicxs: las caras del bullying’ (‘We are Unique: The Faces of Bullying’) tries to show a complete vision of this problem, so it also provides the point of view of the aggressor thanks to the participation of Jero García. Athlete and former professional boxer, García was a bully in his childhood but nowadays he works actively to integrate young aggressors through sport.

According to the ‘Estudio Cisneros’ from the Instituto de Innovación Educativa y Desarrollo Directivo (Teaching Innovation and Directive Development Institute) made in 2006, 25% of children have suffered bullying in some of its forms and, as a result, they suffered stress, anxiety, social isolation or even some of them have committed suicide. To this day, there is no updated data on this problem, so it can be even more dramatic. ’Somos Únicxs: las caras del bullying’ (‘We are Unique: The Faces of Bullying’) tries to make visible and to highlight a social problem that has been muted in our country.

The production will be released next Wednesday February 9th in laSexta, after “El Objetivo” and it will also be available in ATRESplayer.