‘Apagón’ the new original series Movistar + produced by Buendía Estudios, has started filming this week the third episode of the series, written and directed by Isa Campo (‘La propera pell’, ‘Maixabel’). 

Filming of the episode, which began on December 13, will continue until December 31 in Valdeluz (Guadalajara).

The episode stars among others, Patricia López Arnaiz (‘La peste’, ‘La hija’), Zoé Arnao (‘Las niñas’) and Miquel Fernández (‘El embarcadero, ‘Adú’), and tells how, after the blackout that has paralyzed the country, the neighbors of a small urbanization have managed to organize themselves to survive in this new reality. Everything changes when a group of children settles in the area and threatens the coexistence they have built. 

The following episodes feature the view of director Rodrigo Sorogoyen and screenwriter Isabel Peña (‘Antidisturbios’); director Raúl Arévalo (‘Tarde para la ira’) and screenwriter Alberto Marini (‘El desconocido’, ‘Mientras duermes’);director Alberto Rodríguez (‘La isla mínima’, ‘La peste’) and screenwriter Rafael Cobos (‘El hombre de las mil caras’, ‘La peste’); and director Isaki Lacuesta (‘Entre dos aguas’) and screenwriters Isa Campo (‘La propera pell’, ‘Maixabel’) and Fran Araújo (‘Hierro’).


A solar storm hits Earth causing a widespread blackout. In this new reality, five stories are developed with characters who struggle to adapt to a world without electricity, telecommunications or means of transport, in which they have to face their most basic needs, instincts and fears.