Clara Sánchez‘s latest novel will become a series. The rights to “Infierno en el Paraíso“, published this year, have been acquired by Buendía Estudios to develop a fiction project backed by the author: “I wrote this novel as if I were watching week after week an exciting television series. I got so hooked on the characters, the things that happened to them that they never thought would happen to them, and the torturously luxurious settings, that I was so sad to finish it. Now I dream of lying on the couch and reliving it with new magic.

Clara Sánchez’s novel has all the ingredients to become a fast-paced television drama: well-constructed, ordinary and close characters, confronted by chance to extreme situations; a plot with elements that are familiar to us, very up-to-date, and a location in a time and place – twenty years ago in the Costa del Sol – that are part of a collective idealization, a world of luxury, magnetic, in which we glimpse a murky reverse side.” Sonia Martínez, editorial director of Series at Buendía Estudios and Executive Producer of the project, comments.

An exciting thriller set in a world where luxury and lack of freedom rule.

Sonia lives with her mother in Madrid linking one temporary job after another and without much hope of prosperity, until her best friend offers her an irresistible offer: taking her place as a waitress in an elite hotel in Marbella. It is the 2000s. As every summer, the Saudi royals gather on the Costa del Sol, generating great expectation around them and spending millions of euros on flashy whims and lavish parties.

Thanks to her Arabic studies, Sonia gets the definitive opportunity to solve all her problems when Amina, King Fadel’s second wife, convinces her to teach Spanish at the palace, in exchange for an astronomical salary. 

However, the dream turns into a nightmare when the young woman becomes involved in a distressing plot that ends with Amina’s disappearance, revealing the dark reality that hides behind the facade of luxury and power.

Clara Sánchez is one of the most acclaimed authors of the Spanish literary scene. Her novels have been recognized with the Alfaguara Prize (Últimas noticias del Paraíso), Nadal (Lo que esconde tu nombre) and the Planeta Prize (El cielo ha vuelto) in addition to having seduced millions of readers around the world. With ‘Infierno en el Paraíso’ (Hell in Paradise) the author develops an exciting suspense around a world where luxury and lack of freedom prevail.

‘Hell in Paradise’ is a Buendía Estudios production currently under development.