Federico y Elena. Two parallel lives in the City of the World

Elena is a young PhD student from Granada, who travels for the first time to New York to complete her research on Federico García Lorca at Columbia University, where the poet spent several months of his life. The arrival is not easy. The adaptation to the gigantic city is joined by the nostalgia for what she has left behind in Spain and the difficulty of facing an unknown part of the poet’s life that is cryptic and inaccessible. Until she discovers the letters Lorca wrote to his family.

Through both their lives, we will discover Elena’s present-day New York and the 1929 New York in which Federico plunged, and which, despite being almost a hundred years apart, share the magic and suffocation that today define the great cities of the world.

New York as a guiding thread

Lorca in New York pays tribute to the genius that was García Lorca, through the eyes of a young woman who attempts to find her space in the big city, while we discover the chiaroscuro of the parties and the artistic depths of jazz and literature, that defined the fascinating New York of the twenties.

New York plays as a common thread between Elena and Federico, as both share the same space and the same sensitivity to the environment that surrounds them, as if Lorca’s writing was a prophecy that took shape in the life of the young woman.

When Lorca arrives in New York in 1929, he is both fascinated and horrified by what would be defined as the construction of the World City. Lorca glimpses the future, and how the city will swallow the human being with joy and vertigo, to the point of it turning into the essence of his poetry book.

Lorca in New York is a six-50′-episode miniseries that travels from today’s New York to the New York of a hundred years ago, based on an original idea by Eduardo Galdo, created and developed by Buendía Estudios and Galdo Media.