‘Drag Race España’ has already arrived at ATRESplayer PREMIUM. The wait has been worth it and this Sunday it was time to enjoy the first installment of the program. The ‘Drag Race’ format has landed in our country with an overwhelming success, becoming the most viewed content of the day on the Atresmedia platform.

‘Drag Race España’ revolutionized social networks this Sunday with its premiere. The show has achieved nearly 10 million impressions in its launch week and 5.7 million on its opening day. In addition, it managed to position itself as a trend on Twitter hours before its premiere, reaching the first position during its broadcast and even reaching the world ranking, extraordinary data for paid content.

Beyond the quantity, social media indulged in compliments for the show. There were thousands of comments talking about how much they had liked the first installment, praising the level of the production and comparing it with the adaptations of the format in other countries. “The best adaptation of the program” or “meets expectations” were some comments that were repeated throughout Sunday.

Fans of the program organized to see the premiere together in numerous parts of Spain and social networks were filled with images of groups of friends who did not want to miss the first installment. Several venues across the country announced the broadcast of the original ATRESplayer PREMIUM program and rooms were filled to watch the premiere in community.

Unanimously, the specialized critics have also spoken of the premiere of ‘Drag Race España’ in ATRESplayer PREMIUM and have valued very positively the adaptation of the format and that it has maintained the spirit of the original version however with the most characteristic Spanish touch.

In order to celebrate the success of the premiere of ‘Drag Race España’ on the Atresmedia platform and the arrival of the format in our country, the first installment of the program will be broadcasted next Thursday on Antena 3 late night in a unique and exceptional way.

Every Sunday at 20:00 hours, a new delivery, viewers can continue to enjoy new installments of ‘Drag Race España’ at 20:00 hours on ATRESplayer PREMIUM, to watch the program, as a great live event.