Ignacio Corrales, CEO of Buendía Estudios comments on the start of the production company’s activity for Movistar+: “The Unit season 2 is the first of the productions we are carrying out for Movistar+ at Buendía Estudios. Movistar+ originals are a benchmark of quality in both the domestic and international market, so we are delighted to initiate this stage and we are confident that our expertise will allow us to continue developing and producing future projects for the platform“.

Nothing will ever be the same for the Unit

The sequel to the story raised new challenges in terms of screenwriting: “We have opted to change the recipe quite a bit in this second season. We decided to put our protagonists in a totally new, difficult and uncomfortable situation. And we have delved deeper into the world of the antagonists, exploring the reasons for their hate. Reasons that are much more complex than simple religious fanaticism” (Alberto Marini), framed in an ambitious production proposal: “The mise en scène will be just as spectacular, supporting a script with unexpected twists and turns that will put all the characters on the ropes. Terror is inside everyone and nothing will ever be the same for the Unit” (Dani de la Torre).

Inspector Carla Torres, played by Nathalie Poza (Goya 2021), keeps leading the team. She is joined by Marcos (Michel Noher), her ex-partner, father of her daughter and chief of the unit; Inspector Miriam (Marian Álvarez) and Sergio, Head of Operations (Luis Zahera), accompanied by the Spanish Persian actress Fariba Sheikhan as Agent Najwa; Raúl Fernández de Pablo as Roberto and Carlos Blanco as Ramón. The series also features the special collaboration of Fele Martínez as Sanabria, as well as an international cast with names such as Mekki Kadiri, Moussa Echarif, Amina Leony or Bouzan Hadawi.

The production of the 50′- six-episode series will take place over 22 weeks in locations in Spain (Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Segovia and Guadalajara), and Jordan.


The members of the Unit face an unprecedented situation when an operation makes them the target of terrorists, while they try to find out if there is a spy in the team.

‘The Unit’ S2 will premiere on Movistar+ in 2022.