A series created by Ana Rujas and Claudia Costafreda produced in collaboration with Suma Latina for AtresPlayer Premium

“CARDO narrates a moment in life in which you realize that you are not worthy of promises or hopes” – in the words of the creators Ana Rujas (author of the original idea and protagonist) and Claudia Costafreda (director) – ” You reach 30 years old and suddenly feel that you don’t have much to offer to the world. Beauty is not worth, the outside is not worth if the inside is not right. This is our protagonist: María apparently brims with beauty but she feels like a THISTLE ”.

Ana Rujas and Claudia Costafreda; both belong to this hinge generation that is portrayed in the series. Daughters of the 21st century, babies of 7-channel television, the technological boom and social networks.

A portrait of Madrid, of María, of us, of everyone.

CARDO is a generational portrait. It speaks about the abuse of life itself and of “The excesses of our generation, a generation straddling an uncertain future, a placid past and a troubled present. A generation that dives between 75ml plastic bottles, hyaluronic acid jabs and superficial relationships. A consumerist generation, insatiable, and hopelessly lost. “

The fiction is a production of Buendía Estudios (with the executive production of Sonia Martínez and Amparo Miralles) in collaboration with Suma Latina (Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi) for Atresplayer Premium (with the executive production of Montse García of Atresmedia Televisión).

Filming will start soon in Madrid.