Señor Dame Paciencia

Antena 3
Comedy 8 chapters 50 minutes

Based on the movie of the same title. Gregorio is an ultra-conservative, reactionary and prejudiced family man, a man who lives under the attack by a changing world that he understands less and less.

Gregorio spends his days installed in permanent irritation as he confronts his relationship with his children, each one of them increasingly far away from his life plans, without the help of his wife, María, whom he misses a lot of.

For better or for worse, María, who died in an accident, continues to appear to him from the afterlife (Gregorio considers going to see an expert) and does not stop censoring and correcting Gregorio's outbursts: whatever it takes to keep the family together. But if Spain breaks down, how is his family not going to break up?

Talent involved


  • Buendía Estudios
  • DLO Producciones


  • Jacobo Martos


  • Juan Antonio Ruiz de Somavía
  • Benjamín Herranz
  • Sonia Pastor
  • Sergio V. Santesteban
  • Paula López Cuervo
  • Jorge López del Pino


  • Jordi Sánchez
  • Silvia Abril
  • Carlos Librado 'Nene'
  • Carol Rovira
  • Féliz Gómez
  • Jorge Suquet