Poquita fe

Comedia 12 capítulos 15 minutos

Berta and Jose Ramón try to live their lives to the best of their ability. Their emotions, hopes, and passions are muted by the noise of everyday life. But there they are. The noise that surrounds Berta and José Ramón is caused by his in-laws, always present; Berta's sister, the family favorite; José Ramón's mother, a free but exhausting soul; the neighbor, a despicable being, but who lives wall to wall; those of the nursery where Berta works; the security guards, Jose Ramón's co-workers; those of the bar; the neighbors; the friends of the in-laws; sister-in-law's friends; friends of friends… A lot of noise. Too much. If they could turn it off…

Talent involved


  • Buendía Estudios


  • Pepón Montero
  • Juan Maidagán


  • Pepón Montero


  • Raúl Cimas
  • Esperanza Pedreño
  • Chani Martín
  • Julia de Castro
  • María Jesús Hoyos
  • Juan Lombardero
  • Marta Fernández Muro
  • Pilar Gómez
  • Enrique Martínez
  • Blas Ortiz