Thriller 6 episodes 45 minutes

César is a successful lawyer based in Marbella, the world capital of the mafia. Handsome, rich, hedonistic, selfish, ambitious, obsessed with social media... he knows that to maintain his status, he has to be the best in the courts and the man everyone knows at the wild Marbella parties, where numerous criminal groups operating on the Costa del Sol do business.

César is very clear that, to avoid problems in life, one must be friends with everyone and never cross certain lines. But when he least expects it, he discovers that he is in the eye of the storm and who needs a lawyer to save him is precisely himself.

Talent involved


  • Buendía Estudios Canarias


  • Alberto Marini


  • Dani de la Torre
  • Óskar Santos


  • Hugo Silva
  • Ana Isabelle
  • Khalid El Paisano
  • Aurora Moroni
  • Eivaut Rischen
  • Michael Trenor
  • Mohamed Said
  • Moha Amazian
  • Jesper Ace Jernberg
  • Manuel Calle
  • Elvira Mínguez