La pasión turca

Erotic Drama 6 episodes 50 minutes

Olivia, a Spanish Fine Arts professor with a brilliant career, awakens from a coma in a hospital in Istanbul after attempting suicide. There, she responds to questions from an inspector investigating Olivia's involvement in an art smuggling ring with Yaman, her Turkish lover.

The protagonist's narrative reconstructs, in two timelines, the overwhelming passion she experienced with Yaman, which led her to abandon her life project in Spain. A story full of light and shadow, about which Olivia does not always tell the truth, fueling the mystery surrounding her stay in Turkey and her involvement in the man's dangerous dealings.

To avoid prison and gain the protection of the authorities, Olivia must return to Yaman and inform the police of his movements. An act as brave as it is desperate: Is Olivia acting to save herself or to save Yaman and their love story?

Talent involved


  • Buendía Estudios


  • Irene Rodríguez
  • Esther Morales


  • Iñaki Peñafiel


  • Maggie Civantos
  • Ilker Kaleli
  • Ainhoa Santamaría
  • Yasemin Sannino
  • Fernando Andina
  • Laura Pamplona
  • Arlette Torres
  • Burak Hakki
  • Mariona Terés