Drama 6 episodes 50 minutes

Carmina Somarriba (Adriana Ozores) and Emilio Somarriba (Luis Bermejo) are the heirs of Grupo Galgo, a family-owned company specializing in pastries, chocolates, and children's food. The crisis in the industry, the imminent arrival of sugar-related regulations, and Emilio's lack of leadership, who has been the president of Galgo since his father's death, contribute to the company's challenging times. Gonzalo Díaz (Oscar Martínez), Carmina's husband, after many years working alongside Emilio, has his own plans for the company. However, a sudden and unexpected decision by Carmina triggers a family and business earthquake that will also affect their children: Blanca (Patricia López Arnáiz), Guzmán (Marcel Borràs), Jimena (María Pedraza), and Julián (Jorge Usón). The struggle for power will drive them apart, and Carmina will have to choose between saving the company or her family.

Talent involved


  • Buendía Estudios


  • Clara Roquet
  • Francisco Kosterlitz
  • Pablo Remón
  • Lucía Carballal


  • Félix Viscarret
  • Nely Reguera


  • Adriana Ozores
  • Oscar Martínez
  • Marcel Borràs
  • Patricia López Arnaiz
  • María Pedraza
  • Jorge Usón
  • Francesco Carril
  • Luis Bermejo