Física o Química: El Reencuentro

Generational Drama 2 chapters 50 minutes

Produced by Atresmedia TV in collaboration with Buendía Estudios and with the participation of Boomerang TV, ‘Física o Química: El Reencuentro’ tells a very special event that unites once again the  classmates at the Zurbarán School.

All have changed over time, some more than others, as told by their teachers, however some of them seem to have trouble remembering who they were. Or maybe what one of them wants to forget is that during all these years, he has actually been keeping a secret. A secret that cost him a friendship from this group of friends.

A reunion is the ideal setting to remember their best moments, to smooth things over and confess what was never said. Because it is already known that when you reach the thirties, the decisions that have been made, stay forever.

Talent involved


  • Carlos García Miranda
  • Juan Manuel Rodríguez Pachón


  • Carlos García Miranda
  • Carlos Montero (personajes)


  • Carlos García Miranda
  • Candela Izquierda


  • Andrea Duro
  • Angy Fernández
  • Maxi Iglesias
  • Ana Milán
  • Sandra Blázquez
  • Adam Jezyerski
  • Blanca Romero
  • Alex Barahona
  • Leonor Martín
  • Andrés Cheung
  • Javier Calvo
  • Adrián Rodríguez
  • Marc Clotet
  • José Lamuño