Déjate ver

Comedy 8 episodes 30 minutes

'Déjate ver' is a dramatic comedy with an author's signature and a distinct personality that revolves around self-discovery and the need to transcend in today's world. With this idea as a starting point, the series addresses themes such as identity and self-concept, personal fulfillment, the world of art and entertainment, loneliness, the notion of family, and the current relationship with technology, offering the viewer a fresh, innovative, and witty perspective.

Ana has lived in a bubble for the past few years while working as an assistant to Bassil, one of the world's most famous artists whose identity is a mystery to the general public. But now that the protagonist of the fiction has begun to disappear, she must confront a world with which she feels she can't quite connect face to face.

Talent involved


  • Buendía Estudios
  • Atresmedia TV


  • Álvaro Carmona


  • Álvaro Carmona


  • Macarena Sanz
  • Joan Amargós
  • Irene Minovas
  • Iván Massagué
  • Óscar Ladoire
  • Miki Esparbé
  • Carlos Librado ‘Nene’
  • César Tormo
  • Ramón Barea