Neox and Atresplayer will premiere ‘La caja de arena’ on November 26, a new fiction series that brings visibility to bullying in adolescents. The series is produced by Buendía Estudios and MKTG Spain and is supported by the ColaCao Foundation, as part of its commitment to the fight against bullying prevention. Additionally, it has the endorsement of the Higher Sports Council and the Youth Sports Foundation within the framework of the ‘2030 Plan to Support Grassroots Sports.’

‘La caja de arena’ is a six-episode series aimed at raising awareness about school bullying – a problem that affects almost two students per classroom. It aims to open the door to social dialogue and showcase sports as a tool to combat and prevent violent situations, presenting different perspectives on these processes. The project has collaborated with the NACE Association (No to School Bullying), which provided advice on the content.

This initiative follows the path started last year with ‘Somos Únicxs: las caras del bullying,’ a documentary hosted by Helena Resano featuring testimonies from high-level athletes who experienced bullying, including Carolina Marín, Ray Zapata, and Susana Rodríguez.

This is ‘La caja de arena’

Someone decides to take their own life by jumping from the top of a building. Who was this person? Why did they do it? Could it have been prevented? This is how ‘La caja de arena’ begins, a series about school bullying that, over its six episodes, unravels the weeks leading up to this tragic event. It’s a complex puzzle that is pieced together through six different perspectives, those of each of the young people involved. A shocking, heart-wrenching story, yet one that leaves room for hope by reminding us that school bullying is everyone’s concern.

Adrià Salazar, Álex Mola, Carla Domínguez, Pablo Riguero, Miguel Fernández, and newcomer Pooky Jongen lead the cast of young protagonists, while Nuria Gago, Leticia Dolera, Jordi Aguilar, Rocío Muñoz-Cobo, and Teresa Rabal, among others, bring the adult characters to life.

‘La caja de arena’ is created by Víctor Pedreira, Nuria Gago, and Pedro Rodríguez Pérez, and directed by Daniel Romero. Jaime López-Amor and David Troncoso serve as executive producers, and Micky Irisarri is the production director.