‘Las noches de Tefía’ already has a release date on ATRESplayer PREMIUM. The new original series of the Atresplayer platform will be released next June 25th. Following the presentation in the Malaga Film Festival, where it obtained a long applause and ovation from the audience and received big positive reviews after the screening of the first two episodes, the fiction also presents the official posters both individual and group portraits with the protagonists and the first teasers.

Created by Miguel del Arco, playwright, screenwriter and stage director, one of the most influential voices of the theatre scene in our country, ‘Las noches de Tefía’ tells one of the most unknown episodes of our history: the Francoist concentration camp that existed between the 50’s and the 60’s in Fuerteventura  where the convicts by the Law of Vagrants and Crooks were imprisoned.

‘Las Noches de Tefía’ has been shot in natural outdoor locations in Tenerife and Madrid. The large cast of the series is formed by Marcos Ruiz (Airam/La Bambi), Patrick Criado (La Vespa), Miquel Fernández (Charli), Roberto Álamo (La Viga), Jorge Perugorría (Airam), Raúl Prieto (Boncho), Israel Errejalde (Don Anselmo), Javier Ruesga (La Sissi), Luifer Rodríguez (La Pinito), Carolina Yuste (Nisa), Jorge Usón (Conde Fénix), José Luís de Madariaga (La Vespa), José Luis García-Pérez (El Andaluz), Ana Wagener (Agueda), Celeste González (La Sissi), Jorge Yumar (Perico), Mingo Ávila (La Rata), Ciro Miró (Carlavilla), Maykol Hernández (Miguel), Isaac dos Santos (Caranabo), Elisa Cano (Nisa) and Ruth Trujillo (Claudia), among others.

‘Las noches de Tefía’ is a production by Buendía Estudios Canarias with the participation of Atresmedia Televisión. The fiction, that will be seen exclusively in ATRESplayer PREMIUM, includes Montse García and Sonia Martínez as executive producers and Lucía Alonso-Allende as executive coproducer. Miguel del Arco and Antonio Rojano are the scriptwriters and Miguel del Arco himself together with Rómulo Aguillaume are the directors.

The technical team includes highly regarded professionals such as Marta Miró in Production Direction, Jon  Aguirresarobe and Iván Caso in Cinematography, Coque F. Lahera as Sound Director, César Macarrón in Art Direction, Sandra Espinosa as Costume Designer, Paty López Lopez as Make-Up Chief and Paco Rodríguez as Hair Styling Chief. Arnau Vilà has composed the Original Soundtrack and Antonio Ruz has created the choreography. Conchi Iglesias is the Casting Director.

About ‘Las noches de Tefía’


From 1954 to 1966 there was in a desert area of Fuerteventura a Francoist concentration camp known with the euphemistic name of Colonia Agrícola Penitenciaria de Tefía (Tefía Penitentiary Agrarian Colony), one of those places where the government used to send those condemned by the Law of Vagrants and Crooks, implemented in 1954 to include homosexuals as well.


In order to survive the harsh conditions of the concentration camp, the imagination of the prisoners is triggered, and they will create in their minds a place of reverie in which their greatest fantasies are fulfilled and their desires become real: The Tindaya.

Charli, the fantastic storyteller, invented for all of them El Tindaya, a dazzling music hall where all of them had their alter ego. A space of freedom in which, as its welcome theme says: “the limit of the possible burst when imagining”.


In 2004 Airam Betancor, one of those homosexual prisoners, is compelled to remember the seventeen months of forced labour that he suffered in the colony when he was barely twenty years old. The investigations of a documentary filmmaker who tries to give voice to the silent history of the penitentiary colony push Airam to do a painful memory exercise that will cause many problems in his life.