‘La Unidad Kabul’, the original series by Movistar Plus+ created by Dani de la Torre and Alberto Marini, will be released on Movistar Plus+ next May 18th.

The series, that consists of 6 episodes, will be premiered in the 26th edition of the Málaga Film Festival in the Pantalla TV section. The appointment will be on Tuesday March 14th in the Soho Caixabank Theatre at 4.15pm, with the screening of the first episode followed by a Q & A with the creators and the main actors.

The new instalment of the successful fiction had its spectacular wrap in Pakistan, where the 10 weeks of shooting ended. The team had been also shooting in locations in Almeria and Madrid. ‘La Unidad Kabul’  has had once again a production deployment that meets the level of this ambitious series, with a film crew made up of 300 artists and technicians. Around 130 actors and extras have taken part in the shooting. The spectacular action scenes have included 40 stuntmen, including 28 riders.

Nathalie Poza, Marian Álvarez, Michel Noher and Fariba Sheikan lead the cast, which also includes the performances by Mehdi Regragui, Shabnam Rahimi and Reyhane Noori, among others.

Dani de la Torre, co-creator and director: «This season has been much more demanding than the previous ones for the team and for the actors. To recreate Kabul between Spain and Pakistan has been a very complicated challenge. For the actors, to live from inside the hell of the Taliban’s arrival to Afghanistan has been a hard experience but also a rewarding one. We are telling something real that happened and still happens in a country that doesn’t respect human rights and ravages women and children«.

Alberto Marini, co-creator and screenwriter: «In ‘La Unidad Kabul’ we have gone very far to let the viewer know as close as possible the complex and dramatic reality that came with the Taliban’s return to power in August 2021. No doubt, this is our most ambitious, spectacular and touching season«.

‘La Unidad Kabul’ is an original Movistar Plus+ series, produced by Buendía Estudios that will be released on the platform on May 18th, 2023.


In a new mission, several agents of La Unidad are in Afghanistan a few days before the Taliban’s seizure of Kabul and before Spain starts the evacuation of civilians and collaborators. Their objective is meeting an undercover agent who has information about a possible terrorist attack in Europe, but they will be caught by surprise by the conflicts between the mujaheddins, Taliban and ISIS K forces and they end up involved in a dangerous situation.