‘Cardo’ is still shining and gathering awards wherever it goes. The series, created by Ana Rujas and Claudia Costafreda, has received the Ondas Award for Best Drama Series.

«We have tried to speak with commitment and coherence, so thank you very much for appreciating it», said Ana Rujas when she collected the Ondas Award.

«To me it wouldn’t be possible to make new things without people like you, ATRESplayer thank you for the trust, the Javis, Suma Content and Buendía Estudios, Amparo Miralles, Sonia Martínez, thank you for joining in, it has been a pleasure to take this trip with you», said Claudia Costafreda.

The series recounts over six episodes the excesses of an entire generation that feels like a hinge in this world: daughters of the XXI century, babies of the seven channels TV, of the technological boom and the social media. All the episodes are available in ATRESplayer PREMIUM.