Raúl Cimas and Esperanza Pedreño are the stars of ‘Poquita Fe, the new original series Movistar Plus+ produced by Buendía Estudios that will premiere in 2023.

But it is not clear if we are dealing with a pure comedy or an essential audiovisual document in which conversations during long walks, eating from a spoon, feeding the pigeons in a park or the art of dipping cupcakes take on more importance and depth than laughter.

A comedy or social cinema?

Perhaps the answer lies with the creators of ‘Poquita Fe’, Pepón Montero and Juan Maidagán (‘Justo antes de Cristo’, ‘Camera Café’, ‘Los del túnel’), and his particular way of seeing the world with the anecdotal and irrelevant always in the foreground.

Together with Esperanza Pedreño and Raúl Cimas they are in the cast of ‘Poquita Fe’ Chani Martín, Julia de Castro, María Jesús Hoyos, Juan Lombardero, Marta Fernández Muro, Pilar Gómez, Enrique Martínez and Blas Ortiz, among others.