‘La pasión turca’, a new original series by Atresmedia TV for prime time on Antena 3, and which will also be available on ATRESplayer PREMIUM, has just started its recordings that will be extended over the next few weeks in various locations in Turkey to later travel and conclude its filming in Madrid.

Maggie Civantos and the Turkish actor Ilker Kaleli will play the leading couple of ‘La pasión turca’, who completes his cast with Spanish and Turkish names, among them, Ainhoa ​​Santamaría, Yasemin Sannino, Fernando Andina, Laura Pamplona, ​​Arlette Torres, Burak Hakki and Mariona Terés.

‘La pasión turca’ is a series on Atresmedia TV in collaboration with Buendía Estudios. Montse García, Sonia Martínez and Amparo Miralles are the executive producers of this fiction from the Series Atresmedia label, which will be directed by Iñaki Peñafiel.

The production, which will have six episodes of 50 minutes each, narrates in two stages a frantic story of love and passion starring Olivia, a Spanish Fine Arts teacher, and her Turkish lover, Yamán, who will embody a story full of lights and shadows.

La pasión turca is the adaptation of the popular work of the same name written in 1993 by the renowned author Antonio Gala. The novel is published by Editorial Planeta and the audiovisual rights have been managed by the Book & Film Rights of the Editorial Division.

The screenplay for ‘La pasión turca’ will be written by Irene Rodríguez and Esther Morales. Emilio Giménez signs the direction of Production, Teo Delgado the direction of Photography, Juan Carlos Bilbao the direction of Art and Jaime Barros will be the head of Sound . Juan Antonio Bello Caballero and Romana González lead the Wardrobe, Makeup and Hairdressing teams, respectively. Carmen Utrilla and Marga Rodríguez are the directors of Casting.

About ‘La pasión turca’

Olivia, a Spanish fine arts teacher with a brilliant career, wakes up from a coma in an Istanbul hospital after attempting suicide. There she answers the questions of an inspector who is investigating Olivia’s collaboration in an art smuggling network with Yaman, her Turkish lover.

The story of the protagonist reconstructs in two stages the overwhelming passion that she lived with Yaman and that made her abandon her life project in Spain. A story full of lights and shadows about which Olivia does not always tell the truth, which fuels the mystery that surrounds her stay in Turkey and her participation in the man’s dangerous businesses. To break out of jail and gain protection from the authorities, Olivia must return to Yaman’s side and inform the police of her movements. An act as brave as it is desperate: is Olivia acting to save herself or to save Yamam and her love story?