Antena 3 opens a new live window starting next Monday, October 24. The channel premieres ‘Y ahora, Sonsoles’, with Sonsoles Ónega, which will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7:00 p.m.. A new format that seeks to entertain from the present and that will tell every afternoon what interests the viewers.

‘Y ahora, Sonsoles’ is a program with its own voice. Sonsoles Ónega lands on Antena 3 and leads a wide cast of collaborators including journalists, writers, businessmen, specialists in social chronicles, events or who come from the world of philosophy or the legal profession All of them form a team that mixes experience and freshness, seeking to renew the usual faces and bringing new faces to television.

Among the collaborators, are the journalists Olga Viza, Pilar Velasco, Luz Sánchez Mellado, Beatriz Miranda or Daniel Carande, the writer and journalist Valeria Vegas, the crime journalist Carlos Quílez, the model Mar Flores, the businesswoman Cruz Sánchez de Lara, the journalist Alejandra Prat, the comedian Miguel Lago, the priest Padre Damián, the writer Ángela Vallvey, the businesswoman Carmen Lomana, the teacher and journalist Marta García Aller, the philosopher David Pastor Vico, the influencer Tamara Gorro or the lawyer Bárbara Royo, among others. The program team will also include Josu Larrea and Bricio Segovia.

The new Antena 3 program, directed by Patricia Lennon, has a large set with different spaces that will accommodate the different sections of the program, from interviews to gatherings with collaborators . In addition, ‘Y ahora, Sonsoles’ will have an audience on the set, which will give the program greater dynamism.

‘Y ahora, Sonsoles’, produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Buendía Estudios, will also have a team of reporters at street level. They will be in charge of bringing what is happening to the set and narrating to the public everything that is happening from nearby.

This program can also be seen outside Spain. ‘Y ahora, Sonsoles’ will be broadcast on Antena 3 Internacional and will be available in the international version of ATRESplayer.