Buendía Estudios today presented its news at Iberseries, in the keynote ‘Buendía Estudios: talent, trends and business models’, in which Ignacio Corrales (General Manager) and Sonia Martinez (Editorial Director) have announced the start of shooting a new fiction based on the novel by Antonio Gala ‘La pasión turca’, destined for Antena 3 and ATRESplayer PREMIUM, among other headlines

‘La pasión turca’ begins Filming in Istanbul

‘La pasión turca’ is an updated vision of the famous novel by Antonio Gala. An original series from Atresmedia TV in which Montse García, Sonia Martínez and Amparo Miralles are executive producers. This six-episode drama is written by Irene Rodríguez (‘Dos vidas’, ‘La otra mirada’) and Esther Morales and directed by Iñaki Peñafiel. Emilio Gimenez leads the production team that includes Teo Delgado in the Photography direction, with Juan Carlos Bilbao in the Art direction and Jaime Barros in the direction of Sound. Juan Antonio Bello Caballero and Romana González direct the Wardrobe and Makeup teams, respectively.

Filming begins at the end of October in Istanbul, where it will last seven weeks before moving to Madrid. The cast will be made up of Spanish, Turkish and Italian names.

The novel is published by Editorial Planeta. Audiovisual rights have been managed by Book & Film Rights of the editorial division.


Olivia, a Spanish fine arts teacher with a brilliant career, wakes up from a coma in an Istanbul hospital after attempting suicide. There she answers the questions of an inspector who is investigating Olivia’s collaboration in an art smuggling network with Yaman, her Turkish lover.

The story of the protagonist reconstructs in two stages the overwhelming passion that she lived with Yaman and that made her abandon her life project in Spain. A story full of lights and shadows about which Olivia does not always tell the truth, which fuels the mystery that surrounds her stay in Turkey and her participation in the man’s dangerous businesses.

To break out of jail and gain protection from the authorities, Olivia must return to Yaman’s side and inform the police of her movements. An act as brave as it is desperate: is Olivia acting to save herself or to save Yamam and her love story?

‘El ángel perdido’ by Javier Sierra, in development under the Buendía Estudios-Universal International Studios agreement.

Last March, Buendía and Universal International Studios signed an agreement to co-develop and produce original series for the Spanish-speaking market, a fundamental step in Buendía’s strategy for creating of premium content in Spanish for global audiences.

Buendía Estudios and Universal International Studios are developing an adaptation of Javier Sierra’s bestseller ‘El ángel perdido’, by virtue of this agreement.

The novel ‘El ángel perdido’ is published by Editorial Planeta. Scenic rights has been the manager of audiovisual rights.