‘Reinas al rescate’ is the new format broadcast by ATRESplayer PREMIUM, produced by Buendía Estudios, in which Pupi Poisson, Sharonne and Estrella Xtravaganza, guided by Supreme de Luxe, they travel through various parts of Spain to give visibility to various LGTBIQ+ stories and show realities of the collective outside the big cities.

On this road trip, the queens respond to the call of several people who have made a call for help: people related to the LGTBIQ+ community who need their support to convey a message of diversity in their environment, in small towns in Spain. An exciting format with an important and demanding message behind each story.

Chapter 3: Claudia and Virginia (Linares)

These lesbian sisters are tired of living in Linares, a hostile town where they boycott every LGTBIQ+ initiative they undertake and where they cannot find a single friendly and safe bar for the collective. They ask the queens for help to try to open the minds of their neighbors and find that gay-friendly place they crave. They will be accompanied on stage by their friend Bianca, a transgender girl who had to leave Linares to live without aggression, and David, the owner of a pub who has also been threatened for organizing a Pride party.