‘Apagón’ will give a grand finale to the Official Section on Friday September 23rd, with its five episodes that join the best creative talent. Rodrigo Sorogoyen (‘Antidisturbios’), Raúl Arévalo (‘Tarde para la ira’), Isa Campo (‘La próxima piel’), Alberto Rodríguez (‘Modelo 77’) and Isaki Lacuesta (‘Entre dos aguas’) direct the episodes written by Isabel Peña (‘El Reino’), Alberto Marini (‘La Unidad’), Fran Araújo (‘Entre dos aguas’), Rafael Cobos (‘Modelo 77’) and Isa Campo (‘Entre dos aguas’), under the creative coordination of Araújo.

The series has a large cast led by Luis Callejo, María Vázquez, Patricia López Arnaiz, Ainhoa Santamaría, Jesús Carroza, Melina Matthews, Tomás del Estal, Javier Tena, Zoé Arnao, Miquel Fernández, Naira Lleó, Mourad Ouani and Sofia El Bouanani.

Domingo Corral, Director of Original Production of Movistar Plus+ has highlighted: “It is a privilege to be able to bring together some of the best writers and directors of this country in a series. We are very happy that the San Sebastian Fim Festival recognizes the quality of the work they have done and decides that the series deserves to be part of its Official Section“.

As for Ignacio Corrales, CEO of Buendía Estudios, he has stated:  “The presence of the series ‘Apagón’ at the San Sebastián Festival is a great recognition of a unique project, of high creative level, with the main experts in directing, and which has been a production challenge due to its complexity in the execution in addition to having been shot in a tremendously complicated environment with the pandemic at its peak. At Buendía Estudios we are very proud to have produced this project and to fulfil the responsibility that a series of this level entailed. The presence at the San Sebastian Film Festival will surely contribute to the promotion of our brand and our know-how in the national and international market“.

‘Apagón’ is an original series by Movistar Plus+ produced by Buendía Estudios inspired in the successful original sci-fi podcast by Podium Podcast (PRISA Audio) ‘El gran apagón’ (The big blackout). The starting point is a solar storm that impacts on Earth causing a worldwide blackout. In that new reality five stories are developed with characters who fight to adapt themselves to a world without electricity, telecommunications or means of transport, in which they must face their more basic needs, instincts and fears.

The series will be released exclusively in Movistar Plus+ on September 29th.