ATRESplayer PREMIUM still bets for original production with ‘Reinas al rescate’, that starts next Sunday July 10th and now releases its official trailer. This is a new format in which Pupi Poisson, Sharonne and Estrella Xtravaganza, guided by Supremme de Luxe, will visit several towns of Spain to bring visibility to LGTBIQ+ stories and show the reality of the collective outside the big cities.

In this road trip, the queens come to the call of several people who have asked for help: people related to the LGTBIQ + collective who need their support to convey a message of diversity to their environment: small towns in Spain.

The arrival of the drags will be a big surprise and a revolution for the residents of the town, who will discover that, beyond the fact that the queens wear heels, dresses or wigs, they promote an artistic movement that frees our minds and represents such important values as integration, freedom of speech or self-esteem.

Produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Buendía Estudios, ‘Reinas al rescate’ has stopped in these first episodes in Cálig (Castellón), Roda de Berá (Tarragona), Benilloba (Alicante), Landete (Cuenca), Linares (Jaén) and Campaspero (Valladolid). Along the way, personal stories of misunderstanding, non-acceptance, overcoming or forgiveness will be discovered. At the end of each instalment there will be a show in which the protagonists reveal what they are with pride. A drag show that nobody in the region will want to miss.

The queens in heels


Supremme Deluxe: ‘Drag Race España’ hostess in ATRESplayer PREMIUM, has become the most representative face of the drag movement in our country. During her prolific career as an artist she has performed in many shows, published an album (‘Ahora yo’) and more than 10 singles and took part as actress and singer in various film and theatre projects such as “El fantasma de la sauna” or “La Llamada”.


Singer and actress, she is one of the most beloved queens of the first edition of ‘Drag Race España’ thanks to her personal sense of humor, full of irony. Her single ‘Putón verbenero’ has more than 5 million views in YouTube and she currently has a podcast with writer and comedian Paula Púa called Podcast Espresso.


She defines herself as “dark, dirty, funny and hooker”. Singer and actress, she formed a band with Luis Miguelez. The finalist of the second edition of ‘Drag Race España’ has garnered a legion of followers who are looking forward to the release of her first album “Gorda y divina”.


Finalist of ‘Tu cara no me suena todavía’ and of the second edition of ‘Drag Race España’. During two seasons she has been the MC of the show ‘The Hole’ and has performed several of its characters. She has achieved success in and out of Spain with her show ‘The big star show’.