‘Apagón’, the new original series by Movistar Plus+ produced by Buendía Estudios, has finished these days the shooting of the fourth episode of the series, directed by Alberto Rodríguez (‘La isla mínima’, ‘La Peste’). The screenwriter is Rafael Cobos (‘El hombre de las mil caras’, ‘La Peste’).

In this episode we meet Cortelazor (Jesús Carroza), a shepherd who has been living in the mountains all his life, taking care of his goats as his father and grandfather did before him and living by himself surrounded by nature, as it has always been.  A life that will be threatened with the arrival of a group of people from the city, who escape from the chaos and the lack of food caused by the blackout. When the men from the city attack his flock, Cortelazor must defend it.

Together with Jesús Carroza (‘La Peste’, ‘El día de mañana’, winner of the Goya Award as Best New Actor for ‘7 vírgenes’), will be the actress Naira Lleó (‘Hierro’).

The shooting of the episode took place from March 21st to April 8th in locations in Segovia (Valsaín –Ramal de Vaquerizas and Cerro del Puerco– and La Pinilla ski resort) and Madrid (Puerto de la Morcuera).