The second season of ‘La Unidad’ will premiere in March on demand exclusively on Movistar Plus+.

‘La Unidad’ is a fast-paced thriller that, in its second season, will maintain the ambitious level of production of the first season going a step further in the history of these anonymous heroes who make up a team of the National Police specialized in the fight against jihadist terrorism. And now, the target of the terrorists will be the Unit itself and its members.

As in the first installment, this second season is created by Dani de la Torre (‘La sombra de la ley’, ‘El desconocido’), also director of the series, and by Alberto Marini (‘Apagón’, original series Movistar Plus+, ‘Tu hijo’, and ‘El desconocido’), head of a team of writers composed of Amèlia Mora, Alfred Pérez-Farga and Roger Danès.

About this second season Dani de la Torre points out: “There is a fundamental difference in this season unlike the previous one, and that is in the motivation of the characters. If in Season1 our policemen went out of their way professionally to catch the terrorists and the terrorists tried to enforce their purposes strategically. Not now, the motivation is no longer ‘professional’, it is no longer worth getting there sooner, the goal is not to do damage on a large scale. The motivation is one of the most primal instincts that surrounds human beings through ‘love’. And it is that love for family, for their loved ones that discovers and activates fear and revenge within each of our characters, policemen and jihadists and will bring something out of each of them never seen before.”

Alberto Marini declares: “Imagine a surgeon forced to carry out, in desperate conditions, a life-and-death operation on his own child or on himself. Imagine it in real life, not in a super doctors movie. Imagine how emotions can complicate an already demanding, hard and dramatic job. This is what happens to the protagonists and the antagonist of the new season of La Unidad, where, from the truth, dedication and professionalism intermingle inexorably with the most intimate affections and feelings, where fear for your life or that of your loved ones, paralyzes you, prevents you from thinking coldly, but, at the same time, it provides you with unknown motivations and forces.”

Starring female characters in a position of responsibility and leadership, La Unidad continues to be led by commissioner Carla Torres, played by Nathalie Poza (Goya Best Supporting Actress in 2021 for ‘La boda de Rosa’ and Best Leading Actress in 2018 for ‘No sé decir adiós’) and Marian Álvarez (Goya for Best Leading Actress in 2013 for ‘La herida’) as agent Miriam. Michel Noher is Marcos, Carla’s ex-partner, father of her daughter and head of La Unidad; Luis Zahera (Goya for Best Supporting Actor in 2019 for “El Reino”), is Sergio, the head of operations. The Spanish actress of Persian origin Fariba Sheikhan is agent Najwa; Raúl Fernández de Pablo is Roberto and Carlos Blanco is Ramón. The series also has the special collaboration of Fele Martínez as Sanabria.

All of them, as members of La Unidad, will pay a heavy price by becoming a direct target of the terrorists. The daughter of the couple formed by Carla and Marcos, Lúa, played by the young actress Alba Bersabé, will be one of the great protagonists of this second season.

Along with Frances Orella and Pepo Oliva, in this new season Fran Cantos (Álvaro) and Aroa Rodríguez (Kala) join the cast, as well as an important cast of international actors of more than six different nationalities, among them Moussa Echarif, Amina Leony, Mekki Kadiri, Bouzan Hadawi, Kaabil Sekali, Farah Hammed, Amín Hamada, Inti El Meskine, Hamid Krim, Mourad Ouani, Mekki Kadiri, Omar Bentaleb and Said El Mouden.


The members of La Unidad face an unprecedented situation when an operation makes them a target of terrorists, while also trying to find out if there is a mole in the team led by Carla.