ATRESplayer PREMIUM will premiere the first episode of ‘Los Protegidos: El regreso‘ this Sunday, September 19, as a great event and as a gift to fans who have looked forward to the return of the fiction since the project was announced.

This first episode will be broadcast on the Atresmedia payment platform at 20:00 hours to summon live all the followers of the fiction. This premiere as a response to the claim of the fans is an appetizer of the rest of the episodes that will arrive when the complex post-production of the fiction ends.

‘Los Protegidos’, a before and after in science fiction series

Broadcast from 2010 to 2012 on Antena 3, the series achieved an average of more than 3 million viewers and launched young stars to stardom. The story began with a group of people posing as a family, the Castillo, with the aim of fleeing from a strange organization called the Elephant Clan seeking them.  The reason is the supernatural powers of many of its members. Hidden as a real family, this team ended up loving each other as if their fantasy was true. However, time made each one take a different path.

A new threat

It’s been ten years since the Castillo Rey family had a happy ending. But life continues and the passage of time, destiny and an unknown event that we will discover during this new stage, were separating them. Now, a serious threat looms over them, which will pit them on a new mission.

‘Los Protegidos: El regreso’ will feature the actors who brought to life the iconic characters of the original series and who made the audience fall in love with their strange supernatural powers. Antonio Garrido (Mario), Ana Fernández (Sandra), Luis Fernández (Culebra), Daniel Avilés (Carlitos) and Mario Marzo (Lucas) will join forces again. The family is completed with Maggie Garcia in the role of Lucia.

In addition, the series will feature the return of Gracia Olayo, Óscar Ladoire and Javier Mendo, who will return to play the roles of Rosa, Antonio and Borja Ruano. The cast of the fiction is completed by Maripaz Sagayo, Carlotta Cosials, Eduardo Lloveras and Cosette Silguero.

 ‘Los Protegidos: El regreso’ is a production of Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Buendía Estudios and Boomerang TV. Montse García, Curro Novallas, Jorge Redondo and Teddy Villalba are the executive producers of the series, with a script by Carlos García Miranda and direction by José María Caro and Curro Novallas. The series can also be seen outside our borders through ATRESplayer PREMIUM International and Atreseries International.