G.E.O. Más Allá del Límite‘ is the first documentary series that shows from inside the day to day of one of the most prestigious elite police forces in the world: the Special Operations Group of the National Police (G.E.O). With exclusive and unprecedented access, a camera crew witnesses the demanding selection process of new members, which spans more than 7 months. Of the hundreds of police officers who show up at each promotion, only a few pass the tests needed to become members of the GEO.

Throughout eight chapters of 50′, the progress of this group of aspirants will be followed by delving into their personal history, their reactions to the hard tests and their transformation throughout a process that will put their physical and mental capacities to the limit. Subject to continuous stress, sleep deprivation and exposed to extreme conditions, aspirants will have to face their worst fears to be able to solve high-risk situations in the future.

‘G.E.O. Más Allá del Límite’ is produced by Buendía Estudios. Jorge Pérez Vega and Ignacio Corrales are the executive producers of this documentary series directed by David Miralles (El Xef, 21 días, Conexión Samanta).