Heridas‘ is already in the pre-production phase. María León (‘Allí abajo’) is the new incorporation and joins a cast that already features Adriana Ugarte and Cosette Silguero as two of the protagonists of the new original Series of Atresmedia TV for the prime time of Antena 3.

Based on the Japanese series ‘Mother‘ and subsequent Turkish remake of great international success, ‘Heridas’ will also be available on ATRESplayer PREMIUM.

María León is Yolanda

Biological mother of Alba. Excessive responsibilities as a single mother leaves no room for her personal and emotional development, and she begins to unload her frustrations on her daughter. When Alba is 6 years old, Yolanda falls in love with Lucho, in which she projects her desires and her fantasy of having a traditional family and with whom she lives again the illusion of a romantic love.

Her daughter has been the engine of her life and has now become a ballast. Envious, insecure and distressed. Affectionately vulnerable and dreamy. Her impulsive and irrational character leads to an attack of fury with unpredictable consequences.

Adriana Ugarte is Manuela

Adriana Ugarte is Manuela, a young woman who lives alone in a cabin where she studies Andalusian wetlands. She has settled there after specializing in ornithology and touring half the world following migrations.

At 28, her life revolves around birds, those who live there and those passing through like her. She watches and photographs them every day, and she could talk about each one of them for hours. What she doesn’t talk about to anyone is what she left in Madrid ten years ago and why.

Cosette Silguero is Alba

The young actress Cosette Silguero will play Alba. A few kilometers from Manuela lives Alba, a seven-year-old girl who never has her breakfast served. Her mother, Yolanda, works at night as a pole dancer and sleeps in the daytime. Her boyfriend, Lucho, is not there to care of a girl who is not his.

Actually, he’s not there for that or anything else, because he lives off of Yolanda. The house is a mess of objects and a lack of schedules. Alba, as she can, attends school, often with nothing in her stomach. In her loneliness, Alba takes refuge in her imagination. As she has seen in the story of a castaway, she throws bottles of help into the sea dreaming that someone will rescue her and love her.

This is ‘Heridas’

The series will feature 13 chapters of 50-minutes each. It is a production of Atresmedia TV in collaboration with Buendía Estudios. ‘Heridas’ is currently in the casting phase and will start shooting soon.

Montse García, Sonia Martínez and Eduardo Galdo are the executive producers of the Series Atresmedia label. Lucía Alonso-Allende is the executive co-producer. ‘Heridas’ will be directed by Tito López Amado and Juanma Pachón. Pepe Ripoll and Xavi Guallar are the Production Directors, while Juan León is in charge of casting.

The writing team consists of Eduardo Galdo, Lele Portas, Marco T. Socorro, Joana Ortueta, Humberto Ortega and Natalia García-Prieto. Johnny Yebra and Juan Molina will be in charge of the Direction of Photography. The director of Art will be Jorge de Soto. Bubi Escobar is head of costume and Pablo Cervantes will be in charge of music.

La historia de ‘Heridas’

Manuela has moved away from her adoptive family to live alone in a marsh, dedicated to the study of birds. Traumatized by the wound of being abandoned, she always declared that she would never be a mother.

The day she finds little Alba, she will begin a journey that will force her to confront the demons of her past and question the pillars of her life.