Although it may seem impossible, almost everything that happens in ‘By Ana Milan‘ is based on real events. What’s more, the craziest, most incredible and surreal thing is what’s really happened. The rest is a lie. Real life seems made up when it comes to Ana Milan. That’s how this fiction is and that premiered its first season on ATRESplayer PREMIUM late last year.

And now Ana Milan returns with a second season of her crazy anecdotes where the ghost of Mario’s presence still weighs on her. Although to try to silence her loneliness, she tries all the different jobs she is offered: film, television, advertising and parties, many parties.

But all that stress ends up taking its turn at the worst time, at her big opportunity in front of a Hollywood actor, Ana faints and, when she wakes up, she has a crossed eye. Maybe it is time to slow down and take care of herself a little bit? Either way, Ana’s going to face this new stage head-on. And, if possible, with Manu by her side…

The second season of ‘By Ana Milan’ has begun filming this week in Madrid, as with the first installment, and will consist of 8 new episodes that will be recorded over the course of these next 7 weeks. In the cast, actors such as Jorge Usón and Israel Elejalde will accompany Ana Milan again.