Pequeñas Coincidencias

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Comedy 8 chapters 30 minutes

In this third season of 'Pequeñas Coincidencias', there will be more mess, more misunderstandings, more deranged and anguished characters, and therefore more comedy. 

The good and bad coincidences will continue to entangle all the protagonists, especially Marta and Javier. The subject of motherhood and fatherhood will once again be at the center of the plot, but even more will be love, from the funny and comic angle that characterizes the production.

Talent involved


  • Buendía Estudios
  • Onza TV
  • Medio Limón


  • Mario Montero
  • Javier Veiga
  • Miguel Conde


  • Javier Veiga
  • Cristina Pons
  • Jorge López del Pino
  • María Miranda
  • Germán Aparicio
  • Ramón Langa
  • José Luis Alonso
  • Daniel Monedero
  • Gerald Fillmore
  • Marta G. de Vega
  • Alonso Laporta
  • Abraham Sastre
  • Alberto López


  • Marta Hazas
  • Javier Veiga
  • Mariano Peña
  • Juan Ibáñez
  • Alicia Rubio
  • Tomás Pozzi
  • Xosé Touriñán
  • Loles León
  • Angy Fernández