Drama 13 chapters 50 minutes

Manuela is a young woman who lives by herself in a cabin where she studies the wetlands in Andalusia. At 28, her life revolves around birds, those that live there and those that are just passing by like her.

Alba lives a few kilometres away, she’s a 7-year-old girl who never has someone to make breakfast for her. Her mother, Yolanda, works at night as a pole dancer and sleeps during the day. Her mother’s boyfriend, Lucho, is not willing to take care of a girl who is not his. The house is a turmoil of objects and schedules. Alba goes to school by any means, although many times she hasn’t eaten anything that day.

When Manuela meets little Alba, they will start a journey that will force Manuela to face the demons of her past and to question the backbones of her life.

Talent involved


  • Atresmedia Televisión
  • Buendía Estudios


  • Tito López Amado
  • Juanma Pachón


  • Eduardo Galdo
  • Lele Portas
  • Marco T. Socorro
  • Joana Ortueta
  • Humberto Ortega
  • Natalia García-Prieto


  • Adriana Ugarte
  • Cosette Silguero
  • María León
  • Javier Collado
  • Elisabet Gelabert
  • Sonia Almarcha
  • Pau Durá
  • Xoán Fórneas
  • Iván Marcos