El Internado: Las Cumbres T3

Drama 6 episodes 50 minutes

Three months after the terrible events that ended the life of Paz, Amaia is sure that the mysteries that inhabit the inmate are not resolved. Willing to go all the way, she involves Zoe, a new student from a foster home where they no longer know what to do with her.

Zoe connects early on with the group, which soon finds itself embroiled in horrific disappearances and crimes within the walls of the monastery. A life or death race, which will be destroyed in a real test of their friendship. Meanwhile, Alicia/Inés and León will be involved in a race against time to escape death and their memory loss.

Talent involved


  • Buendía Estudios
  • The Mediapro Studio


  • Laura Belloso
  • Oriol Ferrer
  • Alexandra Graf


  • Laura Belloso
  • Asier Andueza
  • Sara Belloso
  • Eva Mir
  • Guillermo Cisneros


  • Lydia Pavón
  • Albert Salazar
  • Carlos Alcaide
  • Daniela Rubio
  • Claudia Riera
  • Mina El Hammani
  • Natalia Dicenta
  • Joel Bosqued
  • Lucas Velasco
  • Asia Ortega
  • Aitor Beltrán
  • Kándido Uranga
  • Irene Anula
  • Nicolás Cazalé
  • Annick Weerts
  • Alberto Berzal