By Ana Milán

Comedy 8 chapters 20 minutes

Although it may seem impossible, almost everything that happens in "By Ana Milan" is based on real events. Moreover: the most crazy, incredible and surreal thing is what really happened. The rest is a lie. And it is seems like real life is invented when it comes to Ana Milan.

Ana has been married twice. She was going to celebrate her third wedding, but it was canceled with the dress already bought. One of those husbands disappeared overnight, business included. That's when Ana decided to pray to Lope de Vega.

Her grandmother was mistaken for another on the day of her burial. She called her doorman convinced that he was her gynecologist and realized too late. She was confused with Silvia Jato and she preferred to keep quiet. She convinced a friend that she has a Goya and that she won it for playing the role of the boy in El Orfanato.

Yes, reality is more than fiction in the life of Ana Milan ...

Talent involved


  • Rómulo Aguillaume


  • Almudena Ocaña
  • Aurora Graciá
  • Diego Pinillos
  • Javier Galán


  • Ana Milán
  • Jorge Uson
  • Israel Elejalde
  • Alberto Velasco
  • Pilar Bergés
  • Daniela Santiago