Period Drama 10 episodes 50 minutes

Segovia, 1559. Lucía de Avellaneda celebrates her engagement party with the Marquess of Peñarrosa, a noble chosen by her brother. This marriage promises to strengthen the financial and social status of the family, but in the midst of the celebration, the bride receives an unexpected letter from a woman claiming to be her mother, who summons her on her deathbed.

Lucía presents herself at the beguinage, where her mother has summoned her. In this place, she lives with other women independently and outside the Church's influence.

The young woman opens herself to a new world that will make her question everything she had known up to that moment. And, furthermore, she will experience love through a pure and unstoppable passion, but forbidden. She will risk everything for Telmo, a Jewish man who must hide his beliefs and his past.

Talent involved


  • Buendía Estudios
  • Atresmedia TV


  • Irene Rodríguez
  • Esther Morales
  • Silvia Arribas
  • Virginia Llera


  • Rómulo Aguillaume
  • Claudia Pinto


  • Amaia Aberasturi
  • Yon González
  • Bea Segura
  • Jaime Olías
  • Silma López
  • Ella Kweku
  • Melani Olivares
  • Lucía Caraballo
  • Meritxell Calvo
  • Laura Galán
  • Ignacio Montes
  • Antonio Durán ‘Morris’
  • Jonás Berami
  • Javier Beltrán
  • Carmen Esteban
  • Cristina Plazas
  • Elisabet Gelabert