Non fiction

El Instante Decisivo

Documentary 82 minutes

Between July 1st. and 13th., 1997, all of Spain was in suspense. Twelve days in which the Basque society left behind indifference and fear and faced the threat of ETA terrorism. ‘El instante decisivo’ narrates the exceptional events that took place in those days: an unprecedented rescue operation of the prison official José Antonio Ortega Lara; the kidnapping and murder of councilor Miguel Ángel Blanco and the people keeping up the pulse against ETA for 48 hours to save the life of one of their own.

'El instante decisivo' is a journalistic documentary that profits from the narrative advantages of fiction to tell the facts that the cameras did not record in those key days and that complement an extensive documentary material that takes the viewer back to what was experienced in those first days of July 1997.

Shot in Madrid and the Basque Country, the document includes unpublished images of the night that Ortega Lara was released, with the most moving moments of the complex operation carried out by the Guard Civil.

Talent involved


  • Atresmedia Televisión
  • Buendía Estudios
  • La Caña Brothers


  • Teresa Latorre


  • Teresa Latorre
  • Estefanía Cortés
  • Nacho López Murria