Non fiction

Road Trip T2

Canal TNT
Entertainment 6 chapters 40 minutes

The second season of 'Road Trip' is about a caravan tour where nothing will go as planned and in which, before arriving in Valencia, the popular television presenter Nuria Roca and the controversial youtuber, known on social networks as Soy una pringada, will visit communities such as Navarra, Andalusia or the Basque Country with Carmina Barrios, and in which they will return to visit surprising places and meet unexpected characters.

Talent involved


  • Buendía Estudios
  • WarnerMedia


  • Eva Merseguer


  • Eva Merseguer
  • Pep Bras
  • Juan Pedro Gálvez
  • Pedro Rodríguez Pérez


  • Nuria Roca
  • Esty Quesada
  • Carmina Barrios