La Familia Perfecta


Lucia believes she has a model life and has everything under control. Since she got married, she has invested all her efforts in caring for her family, until she achieved what for her is the ideal of a perfect family.

However, everything begins to fall apart the day Sara, her son's girlfriend, appears; a young girl, free and foul-mouthed, which leads Lucia to a very different idea of in-laws of what she dreamed of for her son. From that moment on, Lucia will discover that the perfect family was not exactly what she thought.

Talent involved


  • Lazona Producciones
  • Atresmedia Cine en colaboración con Buendia Estudios
  • The Snake Films AIE


  • Arantxa Echevarría


  • Olatz Arroyo


  • Belén Rueda
  • Jose Coronado
  • Gonzalo de Castro
  • Carolina Yuste
  • Gonzalo Ramos
  • Pepa Aniorte
  • Jesús Vidal